We have had a very busy month at The BRC:

We went the Zoo !!!

We had the best time, a lot of fun and laughs was had by all. We seen lions, tigers, and got to feed the birds in there giant cage some of us where lucky enough to have the beautiful parakeets land on us and feed from our hands.  We walked with wallaby’s, watched the wolves being fed and We had front row seats at the amazing sea lion show.

This was a great day out, the first for many to come. The service users we were also treated to a souvenir as a keepsake from the day.

Keeping Fit!

The Service users and staff have been making full use of are new gym loving getting fit and reaping the benefits of a new healthier life-styles in and out of the Centre benefiting are bodies and minds alike and we have all lost weight.

Some of the guys are actively working towards taking part in the Santa dash this year to help raise funds for the centre to help towards more days out!

We also offer a fresh healthy free meal  every Tuesday after the session so feel free to come join us, just give us a call on Monday so we know to expect you.

The gym is open to all of Expect so please feel free to come join us!


We have taken up Drum-a-cize this takes place every Friday morning between 11-12 this has been a big hit and enjoyed by many Expect service users!  We have a lot of fun learning beats, singing making a lot of noise and working up a sweat everyone comes out smiling.

Geraldine are Holistic therapy lady has still been delivering her weekly session of meditation and moving to music helping us to care for are minds, body’s and souls.

She has also joined us on a Thursday to deliver a session on health and wellbeing helping us to find what we need individually to be healthy introducing different fruit types and colours and helping us learn the benefits of each of them.

Garden Update!

Our planters have finally arrived and The centre is now blooming with beautiful colours and scents from are plants.  The gardening season is now up and running after the winter shut down and we have lots of sowing and growing to be done ready for are second year entry to The North West in bloom competition.  We got level 3 advancing last year and are working towards Level 5 this time.

There is always work to be done in the garden and lots of birds, bees and butterflies to watch as we grow. Please come and join us every Monday and Thursday for Gardening or just spending time out in the garden amongst nature.


Finally our annual Easter Egg hunt and Egg and spoon race went down a treat.

The Easter Bunny made an appearance causing mischief during the race  giving out eggs and getting pictures  with all his fans.  This was a real great day and everybody went home with Eggs, it was smiles all round.



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