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Cash Card Trial

Expect  has for many years made arrangement to provide cash for services and service users.  This involved a senior manager going to the local bank to stand in line, in some cases for upwards of an hour, to collect the week’s monies.

Following a review of the systems of distribution, spending and collection of monies, Expect has decided to modernise this somewhat dated practice.

Steve Hughes has been looking at alternatives and has come up with a “Cash Card System”.  This will involve supplying each service with a Payment Card.  This will reduce the reliance on cash with less cash being held in services and reduce the time that staff have to spend collecting money from head office.  We will also be able to monitor finances even better than before, making it safer all round for everyone.

A trial  of the new system will soon be starting in three services and if successful will be rolled out across all of Expect’s group of services and should be in place for everyone by the end of the year.


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