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Gym Membership!

It has been shown that exercise brings huge benefits to people. It helps us to get fitter, feel better and have more energy. It has also been shown that regular exercise means that you are more able to cope to with stress and improve your mental health. With all of this in mind, who wants to get fitter and feel better this year?  Chris Jones recently sent an email to all staff members asking for information.  He wants to know if you would be interested in Expect setting up a Corporate Gym Membership at LifeStyle’s Gym, Hugh Baird.

If you are interested in this contact Chris directly.  After this Chris will contact the gym to see what membership offers they are willing to give.   The more staff there is interested the more chance there is of reduced price gym membership becoming another little bit eXtra that our staff can enjoy when working for Expect. So don’t delay, contact Chris and let’s have a happy and healthy workforce.

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