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New Distance Learning Delivery Methods developed due to Covid-19

Covid-19 stopped the world in its tracks but it never stopped training,  YFTS just moved its delivery online with Careshield providing our E-Learning provision and Director of Training, Chris Jones moving regularly required training sessions such as Medication Administration to Zoom and WhatsApp video during March, April and May.

What began with telephone and WhatsApp video calls has now grown into a new training product line with a number of distance learning courses now being available through Google Classroom; a learning management system which is able to create bespoke training areas, live trainer video and audio conferencing with full, live PowerPoint presentation ability and dial in features.
Chris has recently completed a number of these sessions to another charity with great success.

Learning material can now be downloaded and learners can even collaborate together live on the same documents and activities over the internet.
These new distance learning courses now include Health and Safety, Handling Information & Confidentiality, Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control and Effective Communication.  The list is growing almost by the week!




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