Poem In memory of John

John Jenkin was a long standing service user of Expect Ltd, having been with us since 2005. John sadly passed away in February.

In memory of John, Suzanna his sister, has written a poem in his memory, as an appreciation for the care and support provided to her brother by Expect staff.

John will be missed by everyone who knew him and we pass our most sincere condolences and best wishes onto Suzanna. Thank you for the touching poem.


An homage to the men and women carers of Expect by his sister, and on behalf of John Carne-Jenkin. 1934-2023.


Chained to his long and troubled life

An aging child lay down to sleep and

Wrapped in the warmth of Liverpool love

His nightmare world transformed at last.


Echoes of screams and pitiful cries

And torment, like a ghastly dream,  

Haunt him still, he cannot cry

Real tears of grief.


But those dark rooms are now closed off

And tender care, a mother’s love,

Await him as he waking finds

He’s with Expect and safe at last and loved.


And when his soul at last took flight,

And Paradise he sought,

To fly with angels,

streams of golden light and

 Heavenly escort took him home,

Where he could find his just reward –

And perfect peace.   

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