Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures







On this page you will find the Policies and Procedures for the Expect Group of Companies

CA008Deterioration and Death of a Service User18 April 2019V.3Service Manager for Policy
MA002Comments and Complaints01 August 2018V.9Service Manager for Policy
QMP015Information Sharing Policy Consent07 January 2019V.3Service Manager for Policy

QMP Quality Policies

These policies are applicable throughout the Expect Group of Companies.
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 Overview of ProcedureNamed owner of Policy or ProcedureRevision NumberIssue DatePlanned Future Review Date
Record KeepingQG001This policy describes the requirements for professional record keeping (paper based and electronic) within the Expect Group of Companies, recognising record keeping as a formal activity that contributes to the process of care and support for service users.Service Manager, PolicyV317 April 2020April 2023
Expect Group of Companies StructureQG002This is a graphical representation of how the Expect Group of Companies is OrganisedChief Executive OfficerRe-Draft in ProgressApril 2020April 2023
Data Protection and Information ManagementQG003This document describes staff and Expects responsibility to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (Amended 2018).Service Manager, PolicyV508 January 2020January 2021
Statement of Purpose and MissionQMP001This document summarises basic information about Expect for users of Expect’s service’s, people who are considering using our service’s and the friends, relatives, carers and representatives of service users and potential service users. It should be read in conjunction with our Service User’s Guide.CEOV917 January 2020January 2021
Use of Alcohol, Smoking and Illegal SubstancesQMP003This document is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning Expect's approach to smoking, alcohol and illegal drug use by Service Users, visitors, contractors and staff.Service Manager PolicyV8December 2020December 2021
Acceptance of Gifts, witnessing Legal Documents and BriberyQMP004This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning Expect's approach to the giving of gifts to staff by Service Users or their relatives. It also aims to set out the organisation's policy on bribery, hospitality and legacies.Service Manager PolicyV6December 2020December 2021
Internet and Email Usage Policy and User GuidanceQMP005The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all those using the Internet and its associated features such as World Wide Web, social media and e-mail do so with respect to others and the law in accordance with Expect's guidelines concerning responsibilities and acceptable use.Service Manager, PolicyV5December 2020December 2023
Computer Network and SecurityQMP005.5This document is intended to describe Expect’s computer network, the controls and security measures applied and the management of electronic data.Service Manager, PolicyV421 April 2020April 2023
Notice, Use of Computer SystemsQMP005aThis notice must be displayed where all PCs are provided by the Expect Group of CompaniesService Manager, PolicyV4April 2020 April 2023
Policy for Health and SafetyQMP007This policy is intended to set out the values, principles and policies underpinning Expect's approach to the management of Health & Safety.Larry MoranV801 November 2019November 2020
Anti Fraud and Corruption, Conflict of Interests Policy and ProcedureQMP008This document is intended to set out the views of Expect with regard to fraud and corruption and the measures that may be taken to investigate such allegations.Service Manager, PolicyV523 March 2020March 2021
Neighbourhood Community RelationsQMP009This Policy is designed to ensure that staff and Service Users, use the services responsibly and have respect for the local vicinity and wider area.Service Manager, PolicyV421 April 2020April 2023
Telephones and Personal Electronic Devices Usage PolicyQMP010This document describes the organisation’s methods for the monitoring of personal telephone calls made by members of staff and the restrictions imposed on staff with regard to personal electronic devices.Service Manager, PolicyV421 April 2020April 2023
Environmental PolicyQMP011This Policy describes Expect's commitment to being an organisation that upholds good Environmental safeguards and sustainability. This policy is intended to support the development of a positive culture in the organisation, where respect and due attention is paid to the environmental effect Expect has on our community. This policy applies to all employees of Expect and all of our activities, both internally and externally. Service Manager, PolicyV221 April 2020April 2023
Information GovernanceQMP012The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to all staff, on Information Governance. Service Manager, PolicyV48 January 2020January 2021
Dealing with the MediaQMP014This Media Policy will applies to all employees of Expect, volunteers and its Trustees. It describes the process for dealing with media enquiries and the need to follow information governance guidelines.Service Manager, PolicyV221 April 2020April 2023
Information SharingQMP015This Information Sharing Policy applies to all Expect employees, student placements and volunteers who have access to personal information about Service Users. The policy applies to all forms of information sharing; in whatever medium the formation is shared.Service Manager, PolicyV314 May 2020May 2021
Reserves PolicyQMP016This policy describes the responsibilities for managing Expect’s reserves funds.Head of FinanceV321 April 2020April 2023
Duty of Candour and Being OpenQMP017This document sets out Expect’s approach to being open and the Duty of Candour. It applies to all staff employed by Expect. Service Manager, PolicyV320 January 2020January 2021

PR Safeguarding and Protection

These policies are applicable throughout the Expect Group of Companies.
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Reference NumberOverview of ProcedureNamed owner of Policy or ProcedureRevision NumberIssue DateDate of Procedure Review
Abuse or Suspected Abuse of Persons at RiskPR002This procedure describes the documentation that must be available within the service and the responsibilities of staff for intervening and reporting incidents of abuse and suspected abuse.Chief Executive OfficerV1023 April 2020April 2021
Managing Violence and Challenging BehaviourPR003This procedure describes the actions and responsibilities of staff when dealing with incidents of violence and challenging behaviour.Heads of OperationsV420 January 2020January 2021
Missing Service UserPR004This procedure describes the actions to be taken in all instances where a Service User goes missing.Head of OperationsV4November 2020November 2023
Visitors to the ServicePR005Expect services attract a range of visitors from people who we know, such as family and friends that visit regularly, to those who are less familiar and visit infrequently. This document shows the importance of understanding the roles and responsibilities of all concerned so that services may continue to function in a safe and appropriate fashion.Head of OperationsV4November 2020November 2023
Keys and Security of the ServicePR006This procedure describes the responsibilities of Expect for holding keys and maintaining appropriate levels of security in the service.Head of OperationsV4November 2020November 2023
Advance StatementsPR007This document describes the reasons for Advance Statements, to whom they apply and when they should be applied.Head of OperationsV523 April 2020April 2021
Mental Capacity Act (MCA) and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DolS)PR009This procedure is applicable to all services. It is intended to provide guidance to anyone who is working with and/or caring for adults who may lack capacity to make particular decisions, and is in a situation where the possibility that there may be deprivation of liberty arises. Head of OperationsV430 January 2020January 2023

MA Management Procedures

These procedures relate to the management of services and information governance.
TitleReference NumberOverview of ProcedureNamed owner of Policy or ProcedureRevision NumberIssue DateDate of Procedure Review
Service/House MeetingsMA001This document defines the process of organising Service/House meetings and for encouraging Service Users full participation in issues relating to their home.Divisional DirectorV4November 2020November 2023
Complaints, Compliments and SuggestionsMA002This document describes staff's responsibilities when receiving a complaint and the process of investigation by managers, recording and feedback to enable Expect to improve their services.Service Manager., PolicyV10November 2020November 2021
Administration DutiesMA003This procedure describes the roles and responsibilities of staff for the administration task in the service.Divisional DirectorV4November 2020November 2023
ConfidentialityMA004This procedure describes that Expect has a commitment to the maintenance of individual’s rights and privacy at all times. Expect recognises the importance of confidentiality concerning care, relationships and records, and strives to ensure these confidences remain intact, disclosing information only with permission, with the service users best interests in mind or in accordance with statutory laws.Service Manager, PolicyV7November 2020November 2021
Confidentiality Code of ConductMA004aThis code describes staff’s duty for data governance and how aspects of data governance are linked together.Service Manager, PolicyV4November 2020November 2021
Trustee's Code of ConductMA004cThis document describes the expected Codes of Conduct that Trustees are required to maintain whilst providing strategic oversight of Expect. It describes how aspects of good conduct are linked together with declaring conflict of interest.Service Manager PolicyV4November 2020November 2023
Access to Personal RecordsMA005This procedure defines the responsibilities and actions required to safeguard the personal records of each Service User.Service Manager., PolicyV4November 2020November 2021
Taking up a Service ProvisionMA006This procedure describes the responsibilities of staff to provide information to a potential new Service User and the steps to take when a new Service User takes up a new service.Divisional DirectorV7 Under Re DraftApril 2020April 2021
Leaving a Service ProvisionMA007This procedure describes the responsibilities of staff to support, inform and make appropriate arrangements, when it is necessary for the Service User to move/transfer, transfer to another service or leave Expect’s services entirely. Divisional DirectorV4 November 2020November 2021
Referrals and Taking up a ServiceMA009This procedure describes the roles and responsibilities of Expect's staff in the matching of Service Users to services that are appropriate and that will fulfil the needs of the Service User.Divisional DirectorV4November 2020November 2021
ArchivingMA010This procedure defines the responsibilities of any person wishing to archive documentation.Service Manager, PolicyV4November 2020November 2021
Usage and Provision of Company TelephonesMA011This document describes Expects policy on mobile phones and the acceptable usage of mobile and land line telephones where they have been provided by Expect.Service Manager, PolicyV4November 2020November 2023
On-Call ArrangementsMA012This procedure describes the roles and responsibilities of staff to maintain adequate support of staff in out of hours situations.Divisional Director V5November 2020November 2021
Minibus Booking ProcedureMA017This procedure has now been withdrawn.
Estates ManagerWithdrawnNANA
Accessible InformationMA018 NEWThis document describes the Accessible Information Standards and the responsibilities of staff to ensure the standards are maintained.Service Manager, PolicyV1 NewNovember 2020November 2021