Wills and Legacies

We are Expect Ltd, a registered charity who provide a range of adult social care services in the North West of England and North Wales to people who are deemed to be vulnerable.

Wills and Legacies

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Wills and Legacies

Leaving a personal legacy

Our provision is predominantly to individuals who have a learning disability, those who need mental health support, are suffering from dementia, are on the autistic spectrum, have an acquired brain injury, personality disorder and/or other complex needs. We are proud to be based in Bootle and have been providing support to residents of the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton since March 1989.

Today, we continue to offer residential, supported living and day Centre facilities. Our mission is to reduce social isolation and deprivation of our service users across the regions where we work;  we source opportunities within their local communities so that they are become an integral part of that community and strive to live a more independent, fulfilled life, thus improving both health and well-being.

As someone who recognises the transformative power of our work, you have a unique opportunity to leave a personal legacy through your will. By including Expect Ltd in your estate plans, you can directly empower lives, offer hope, and bring about positive change.

Your legacy pledge will:

Ensure Ongoing Support for adults with a learning disability or those who need mental health support across our region: Leaving a legacy to Expect Ltd ensures that individuals will continue to receive the essential support they need. Your thoughtful contribution can help sustain residential and supported living services, educational and day centre resources and help fund specific projects and activities for our service users.

Enhancing Personal Growth and Development: Your legacy gift has the power to enhance personal growth and development for our service users. By including Expect Ltd in your will, you can support initiatives that offer service users vocational training and life skills workshops, which will increase their  independence, well-being and confidence.

Breaking Barriers to Healthcare and Wellness: Leaving a legacy in your will can help break barriers to healthcare and wellness services. Your bequest can support initiatives that provide access to medical and mental health services, ensuring that individuals receive the care they need to thrive.

Fostering Community Engagement and Connection: Your legacy gift can foster community engagement and connection among individuals . By including Expect Ltd  in your estate plans, you can support programs that promote social interaction  and community-building events and activities.

Honouring the Journey and Impact of Individual Service Users: Including Expect Ltd  in your will is a meaningful way to honour the journey and impact of individual service users in our care. Your legacy can provide ongoing resources for someone who has directly benefited from our services, offering them continued support in their personal growth.

Make a difference

Leaving a personal legacy to Expect Ltd through your will is a direct way to empower the lives of individuals in our area. Your generous bequest ensures the ongoing support of Expect Ltd, allowing us to continue to be a life line for the people we support, enabling them to achieve their goals and dreams in life and allowing us to continue to champion learning disability and break down the barriers that exist for our client group in healthcare; this will also have a positive impact for the future generations of people who will require our services.

Together, we can create a lasting legacy of positive change that makes a meaningful difference and helps support and transform lives.

Contact us today to learn more about leaving a personal legacy and how you can directly impact the lives of individuals in our community.

Download Willwriting for Carers Information Leaflet >>

Expect Ltd Teams with Hexagon Life Planning Services Ltd

Discover the Power of Planning: Ensure the Security of your Family and loved ones with Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney.

At Expect Ltd,  we understand the importance of empowering our service users and their families to take control of their future. That’s why we are thrilled to invite you to a special Information Day focused on the vital topics of wills, lasting powers of attorney, and leaving legacies.

Date: [TBC]

Time: [TBC]

Location: [TBC]

For our service users who may face challenges in making their own will, we recognize that their families play a crucial role in ensuring their wishes are honoured. This Information Day is designed to provide you with the knowledge and support needed to navigate this complex process, ultimately benefiting both you and your loved ones.

We are proud to partner with Hexagon Life Planning Services Ltd, a local trusted company specialising in planning wills and lasting powers of attorney. Their expert team is dedicated to assisting individuals and families like yours in creating personalized plans that secure the best possible future for your loved ones.

Event details

During this event, Hexagon Life Planning Services Ltd will shed light on key aspects, highlighting why writing a will and establishing a lasting power of attorney are essential for our service users:

Protecting Your Assets: Learn how a professionally drafted will safeguards your hard-earned assets and ensures they are distributed according to your wishes, providing financial security for your loved ones.

Careful planning: When planning for the future, it is essential for spouses and families of service users to approach the process with utmost care and consideration. Writing a will is not only about distributing assets but also about protecting vulnerable individuals and ensuring that their specific needs and circumstances are taken into account. By planning carefully, you can safeguard your loved ones, prevent assets from being used for unintended purposes, and protect any vulnerabilities they may have.

Ensuring Personal Choice – Lasting Powers of Attorney: Understand the significance of a lasting power of attorney, granting a trusted person the authority to make decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so, preserving your autonomy and preferences.

Advantages of an LPA

Clear Decision-Making: LPAs provide a transparent framework for decision-making. Families can make crucial choices related to healthcare, financial matters, and other important aspects of their loved one’s life with confidence, knowing they are acting within the legally defined parameters of the LPA.

Legal Authority: With an LPA, families have the legal authority to act on behalf of the service user. This simplifies interactions with healthcare providers, financial institutions, and other entities, making it easier to access necessary information and manage the donor’s affairs.

Minimised Disputes: Having an LPA in place helps minimize potential conflicts among family members regarding decision-making. When a trusted attorney is appointed through an LPA, it provides a clear and legally binding framework, reducing the likelihood of disagreements or disputes.

Continuity of Care: LPAs ensure that yours and your family’s needs are consistently addressed, even if they are unable to communicate or make decisions themselves. This continuity of care helps maintain the well-being and quality of life for the service user, providing reassurance to their families during challenging times.

Download Willwriting for Carers Information Leaflet >>

Invaluable information

At Expect Ltd, we recognise the importance of early planning and encourage our service users to consider establishing LPAs. By doing so, they not only protect their own interests but also alleviate the emotional and practical burdens on their families. It’s a proactive step towards ensuring that their loved ones can navigate difficult situations with clarity, compassion, and legal authority.

Throughout the Information Day, Carolyn Richardson from Hexagon Life Planning Services Ltd (www.hexagonlps.co.uk) will be available to provide personalised guidance and answer any questions you may have. She will walk you through the process of estate planning, emphasising how to tailor your plan to ensure the utmost benefit for your loved ones.

We urge all our service users and their families, as well as anyone interested in these crucial topics, to seize this opportunity. By attending, you will gain invaluable knowledge and the tools necessary to make informed decisions about your estate, securing a legacy that reflects your values and aspirations.

To reserve your place at the Information Day or to learn more, please reach out to our dedicated team on 0151 317 5511 or 0800 610 1131, quoting the reference ‘Expect Ltd.’. We eagerly await the chance to support you as you embark on this transformative journey of planning and securing your legacy.

Note: Expect Ltd does not provide legal or financial advice. The Information Day and partnership with Hexagon Life Planning Services Ltd aim to offer educational support and guidance on estate planning matters. For personalized legal or financial advice, we recommend consulting with a qualified professional.